Saturday, January 21, 2012

Few and Far Between

We made it out to Montana with the three horses, Ted, and the dogs. It was a rather grueling trip with many small things going wrong, but at least we were safe and nothing terrible happened. Pictured is one of the very old origional buildings that was on the place in Montana where we stayed. The old cabins were very neat and great for photos; unfortunately, I only got a couple. Barrett went to look for a private spot, and both Weasel and Ted reckoned that he needed some help. They are very good and often annoying that way, but we like 'em.

We had a beautiful October that was unseasonably warm with no snow, but shortly into Novermber, we ended up with some--nothing crazy, perhaps 8 to 10 inches, but it was nigh impossible to get out of our camping spot that was set back into the property down a large hill. Despite the inconvinience, we enjoyed a little taste of actual winter and stayed very snug in our tent (which is military vintage from the Korean war; our is the "arctic tent") and we drank lots of homemade hot chocolate!

This is a shot inside of the tent. At the far left, you can see the pole that holds it up (our bed is on the other side) and the Ursa and Weasle are napping there in the middle; Weasel is toward the back next to the laundry and the clothing bins; and Ursa is up front, next to the woodstove and the kindling chopping block. But as November crept on, we knew it was becoming urgent that we leave and head down to Utah to work for Boo for the winter. The snow, evidently, was not incentive enough, but the 60 to 80 mph winds that picked up were! It became impossible to sleep in the tent (it flapped around viciously, and we worried it would rend), impossible to get anything accomplished, and there was a huge storm rolling in that gave us one more prodding to leave while we still had the option! We packed up everything and finally were pulling out of Livingston around 9:00 pm and headed South!

Here is a different picture...this is looking out our bedroom window here in Spork. It is a huge change from Montana, and not at all what either of us are used to. The horses and Ted are staying in Heber with my Uncle, and us and the dogs are staying here. I'm afraid the suburbs have not "grown" on either us or the dogs. We are enjoying all of the good company and are trying to make the most of our stay. It's true that it is not our ideal place to be, but it is another experience that we can chalk down in our books that we haven't done before.

And besides, the mountains are only a short drive away...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This first picture is in Lewistown, Montana. This is not where we are going, but this warms springs is a beautiful picture and one that we keep in our heads to encourage us to carry on through the mud. By the way, I just checed the weather; Sardinia: rain--and Livingston: Sunshine. Wow...

These are the ducks trying to eat the flowers off of Lisa's skirt. She moved the hostas so that the foundation of the house could be worked on, but the ducks still wanted flowers! I'm afraid that one night, I slacked on my duck duties and did not put them away. George (black duck) got eaten. I feel terrible! They were my Easter present, and though we have been busy, it is no excuse to slack on these wonderful birds! Thomas (grey crested) has become a buddy of Lisa's and knocks on their camper door to ask for bread. He is very lonely, but I think they are going to get Thomas a girlfriend. I hope that they can be happy and safe!

This is the cellphone holder that I made for my Mom. It is the first bunny that I made, and otherwise I have made a owl and a cat. I don't have much time to do any of this stuff, but hopefully, once we are settled down, I will. I think they would be fun to sell, but I do have some quirks to work out. I have good ideas for bunnies, puppies, kittens, owls, and bats. Someday, SOME day!

Barrett regrets the day that we bought this trailer. It has been a pill! Of course, so has everything else. Luckily, the trailer no longer looks like this. Thanks to Mitch, Jon, and Poppy, it has been rewelded back to better than if was made in the first place. It is still a freak of a trailer and pulls like an 8-legged mule, has a bend axel, and Barrett still hates it. But it LOOKS pretty nice now! Once we get to Montana, it will probably be turned into my kitchen, with the stovepipe running right out of the top vent! After that, we may never take it anywhere far away again! We will probably sell it and get something else. Peaches is asking to be throwin if for free with it, too!

Anyway, we are SO CLOSE it is painful, but Barrett has discovered some drive shaft trouble in the truck. Well...

We are almost on our way! AND SUPER EXCITED!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Updates, Backdates, and Creepy Dates

This one is just for the folks! Weasel and Elske were really pal'n around when we were there! We wish that Elske was here now; Weasel is convinced that Jon and Lisa's neutered male boxer is a female, and he's making us all ill! Can't somebody bring over a hot chick for the Weas?

This is the sign that I painted for the door when we had Beatrix running loose in the house. I no longer have a house that works for this, or the bunny to bop around. We still miss "B" but I will post some more about her later!

This is the reason why Lisa won't do laundry. He doesn't appear all that large in the picture (they never do!) but his body is about the size of my thumb and he has hung all of his tourtured victims from walls next to the washing machine. The basement is a little creepy, but he tops it off! I just make sure he's done with his laundry by the time I need to do mine!

This is what Barrett and I made for Lois' birthday today. It is a spool knitter made from one of my wooden spools. Barrett drilled it out, and added the copper staples to is. I made the "needles" (one for adult hands and one for child hands) out of bamboo skewers and wooden balls. Then, I painted everything with a daisy motif and made a carrying case. At this point, Lois only likes pink, but I'd imagine she'll grow out of it someday and still be happy to use something pretty. I am jelous of it, myself; Barrett said he'd make me one! Thanks, Barrett!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Skirt!

I made another one of my new wrap skirts! It is a new design that still has lots of quirks to work out of it, but I am enjoying even the flawed ones. This skirt is perfect for using up the fabric that you only bought one yard of because you were trying to be good and now it is your favorite fabric, but there isn't enough to do anything with it. ...except perhaps put them all together in a multi-fabric wrap skirt! Here is the right side of the skirt, attatched under the pocket is a "scissor loop" which is handy in the sewing room!

Here is the back of the skirt. It is fish fabric, and I love it!

Here is the front with big scoopy patch pockets. I don't have good pockets in any of my other skirts so I am REALLY enjoying having real pockets! Like I say, lots of quirks to work out yet, but the over all design is lots of fun. It is full enough to move and climb around freely, but not so full that it is in the way. And even though it is a wrap skirt, it never blows open, but is still easily adjustable. Hopefully, more to come!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just a shot

This is what a collie with hot spots looks like. They are stinky, nasty and spread FAST! If you catch them soon enough, soaking them with activated black tea bags puts a stop to the spreading. We also have been dusting with sulphur, though, we discovered that you MUST wash the sulphur off in between applications, otherwise it cakes into a solid barrier that doesn't come off. So...we may be taking the clippers to the rest of his beautiful coat; poor Weasel.

Napping ducks; aren't they cute? I have really enjoyed having these two! I hope they can come with us when we go...I promise they won't have to live in the oven any more!

The horses and goats are enjoying their new pasture! Barrett is making sure that Grendel is fine.

A Crack House?

So you'd think if people were living in it, had their children and grandchildren over to visit all the time AND baby sat other peoples' kids, SURELY the house would be livable by....people.

The front porch covered in junk. The window that is still in the door is duck taped in, as well are the wasps that live inside of the wall at the top corner.

They emptied the freezer contents in the back yard. It rotted and stank and made all four dogs puke for weeks. Wow, thanks...

Oh yeah, then there's the all the garbage that they threw in the cistern. There is something wrong, really wrong with people who poison their own water source.

We call them doodlebugs (wood lice)

Every day is a new adventure finding what shim-sham thrown together piece of trash idea left behind by them. For more horrifying pictures and info, visit the BeanRoadFarm blog.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Eskimo Taylors

We finally had enough snow, enough moisture, enough warmth, and enough time to make an igloo! We've wanted to make one for a couple of winters now, and we were worried we weren't going to make it this year!
As you can tell, we just barely finished as the sun was going down--but what a lovely sunset!

I don't know why this one is blurry, but this is, of course, Ursula and I in our new habitat!

Here is Barrett, wrestling with the Weasel with Chubs coming in from behind! Chubs looks like he is just about to annoy someone or perhaps drop a pile in the walkway. He is that kind of a pup--Weasel discovered he could escape from his little irritator if he slipped inside of the igloo with us while we were working. Once Ursa popped in too, it was quite the squeeze!

Needless to say, we have enjoyed winter. Equally needless, we are ready for spring. Today, it has warmed up into the 40's and is also raining on top of a foot of snow. It is also supposed to drop to 19* tonight....that will be a lovely mess. If our igloo survives, it will be an ice fortress!